The Elements Of Chinese Zodiacs

Chinese Zodiac Elements

While the Chinese zodiac is made up of twelve horoscopes, each a different animal that rules the year, these animals are not the only thing that needs to be considered when doing any type of compatibility or horoscope reading. The five elements - Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire - have direct influences on the zodiac sign as well. For example, you could be a Fire Dog or an Earth Dog, the same zodiac, two different elements, and a world of difference. Let's take a look at the elements and see how they can influence our overall personality and lives.

Chinese astrology is based on math and science, making it a fairly exact method of predicting how certain things will affect people's lives based on their personality and who they are. When adding the elements to the equation, is gets even more precise. Each element adds an additional layer of meaning to the animals that make up the zodiac. These elements influence our basic animal instincts and let us see them in a clearer, more focused light.

The Five Element of Chinese Zodiac Signs
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