The Element Earth

Earth Chinese Zodiac Element

Like the planet we live on, Earth signs are wise, prudent, serene, strong in your beliefs, morals, ethics, and responsibilities.

You are the ones who live life like a planned book, trying to avoid unexpected events. You are logical, not emotional. Your discipline earns you respect when presented in the right way. You tend to fear the unknown, double guess yourself, and don't believe in your dreams.

You need to open up and relax and let the world have benefit of your wisdom for you do have a lot to offer.

Yin & Yang

Yin & Yang Of Chinese Element Earth

Yang Earth is represented by the Mountain, stones, crystals, granite, as well as precious gems. Yang Earth people are apt to have a genuine link with the land and they are focused on building structures, construction, or property to be a monetary system.

Yin Earth is normally symbolized simply by the soil where foods are grown. Yin Earth kinds tend to be more focused on the Earth's potential for growing things, the way the earth nurtures and nourishes as well as what exactly the earth produces to be a monetary system.

Both seem to be 'down to earth' individuals, not really at risk from flights of imagination. Both of them are meditative, contemplative types, which could cause them to seem aloof and aren't bothered. Neither of them can be involved with small talk.

The Five Element of Chinese Zodiac Signs
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