The Element Metal

Metal Chinese Zodiac Element

If you are a metal, you are fiercely determined and self-reliant, sometimes even down right forceful. You enjoy life and the comfort and freedom afforded to you.

You also like to be left alone. You are the entrepreneurs, building your destiny your way. Of course, that also makes you seem set in your ways. People look up to you and while they do, you seem strong and virtuous.

Be careful not to be too demanding on everyone around you, including yourself. Being stern can get things done, just don't cross the line into a dictator.

Yin & Yang

Yin & Yang Of Chinese Element Metal

Yang Metal will be represented by kitchen knives, swords, ploughs, along with other razor-sharp accessories. Yang Metal individuals are impelled through the need to achieve success. These people are ambitious, sharp, and usually do not depend the expense of succeeding.

Yin Metal is represented by pocket watches, coins, ornaments and jewelleries. Yin Metal individuals, tend to be focused on the fruits associated with success compared to being successful itself.

In either case, the two types are generally success driven, and in most cases would rather end up being independantly employed instead of being employed by other people.

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