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Practitioners of divination have used many different methods over the centuries to try and accurately predict how their lives or the lives of others will pan out. They have used methods such as tarot cards, numerology, palm reading, and runes. I-Ching, also known as the 'Book of Changes', is another divination tool that practitioners of this art may learn. This oracle book deals not only with divination, but also philosophy.

I-Ching works by the use of coins and the oracle book. The questioner, whether it is you or someone else, would hold the coins in their hands and concentrate on the question, embedding their energies into the coins. They would them toss them and based on the group of lines the coins form, read what the future holds. Trigrams are three lines, solid or broken, and hexagrams are six lines. The practitioner would consider the pattern of coins and then consult the book for the meaning. The coins do not have to be any particular denomination as long as they are the same, say three quarters.

That in itself is the simplest explanation of how I-Ching works. It is a bit more complicated than that. Let's assume you are the questioner and practitioner of I-Ching and you are going to ask a question. Have a paper and pencil beside you and determine which side of the coin will be Yin and worth three points, and which side will be Yang, worth two points. Hold your three coins in your hand as your concentrate on the question. Shake the coins and toss them when you are ready. Based on the way they land, tally up your points and write them down. You can only get a total of six through nine). Do this a total of six times.

When you are done, look at your numbers. The values will tell you if you have a solid of broken line and you always draw your line from bottom to top. Two sets of three lines make the hexagram you read the answer from. At this point, you must consult the Book of Oracles in order to know how to draw the lines and what they mean. You can have one of sixty-four different hexagrams in your reading.

I-Chine takes practice and experience to learn how to use properly, both in drawing the trigrams and hexagrams, and understanding the answer the divination book is giving you. It is always better to ask the I-Ching coins a specific question instead of a vague one. Yes or no questions usually work the best and provide the most comprehensive answers. Practitioners of I-Ching will need to study the oracle book in depth in order to understand it. They may want to by a book explaining I-Ching in more detail to use as a companion guide while learning this revered practice.

I-Ching was influenced by Confucius who helped develop the Ten Wings. This is the explanations of the hexagrams used in I-Ching readings. The Book of Changes uses ideas, images, and natural laws to help answer the many specific questions that are asked.


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