Cinese Zodiac Compatibility

Chinese Zodiac Love Compatibility

Chinese astrology not only can tell you what your year will hold, but it can also tell you if you are compatible with the member of the opposite sex. All you need to know is the date of their birth - month, date, and year - to use Chinese astrology to determine this. Keep in mind that some signs will always work better together and some signs will clash like battlefield warriors regardless of what zodiac system you use. It is well known that each of us will seek out that special someone. Why not give it a head start and find out what signs you are compatible with?

Most users of Chinese astrology will use a circle graph split into twelve sections and labelled with each of the animal zodiac, starting with the Rat at the top in the number twelve position and going around the circle like the face of the clock. From here, you will find four groupings of three. Each group forms a triangle and the members of those groups are known to be affectionate and supportive of one another. These trinities of zodiac signs enhance each others qualities and connect on deep levels.

The first group includes the Rat, Dragon, and Monkey. With their many traits, these three animals are intense and enthusiastic lovers. All of them take the initiative, are performance director, and are go-getters in all aspects of their lives. They are also restless and get easily frustrated when forestalled. They are ruled by their unpredictability and energy.

Conservative and consistent, the Ox, Snake, and Rooster makes up the next triumvirate of signs. These soul mates go through life carefully and are full of endurance. They slowly gather their energy and make applications of things as they move ahead. All three are stiff and refuse to budge in their opinions and views, but they are the best at meticulous planning.

The Tiger, Horse, and Dog are our public faces. They are into humanitarian causes, are gifted orators, and have the knack of verbal communication. They take their relationships - personal and public - very seriously and they seek each other out. They are the ultimate soul mates for one another, not afraid to move to their own music. They hate injustice and crave physical affection and support.

Lastly, are the Rabbit, Goat, and Pig. They are the peacemakers and empaths. They see the beauty in life and are refined. Artistic, intuitive, and well-mannered, they enjoy the courting aspects of love and the gentle beauty in their lovemaking. These three are the calmest of the twelve, yet sometimes their compassion for others can make them seem detached. As long as they find beauty around them and a sensitive lover, they will endure.

Of course, there are signs that are incompatible with one another. They are the ones that face each other on the zodiac 'clock'. The Rat and the Horse, the Rabbit and Rooster... all opposite sides of the circle. Initially, they may be attracted to one another, curious and intrigued. But in time, they will clash. Their personalities will eventually cause them to part.


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